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  • squirrels


    Why squirrels is The best animal?

        In North America, there are four subspecies of squirrels. They are white-tailed squirrels, eastern red squirrels, western red squirrel, and the giant squirrel. Squirrels are also part of the squirrel family Sciuridae, which includes small or large-sized mammals. The squirrel family contains ground squirrels, tree squirrels, chipmunks, red-tailed marmots, flying squirrels, and prairie […] More

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  • hippopotamus

    why The Hippopotamus is The Best semi-aquatic ?

        the hippopotamus is known as the large river hippopotamus or common hippopotamus is an exceptionally large, largely omnivorous, semi-aquatic mammal, and semi-arboreal creature indigenous to sub-Saharan Africa. It’s one of just two extant species within the clade Hippopotamidae, that other being the pouched hippopotamus. It’s estimated that these animals weigh more than 100 […] More

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  • hedgehog

    Why African Hedgehog Is An Amazing Pet?

      A hedgehog is any member of the spiny rodent family of the same subfamily, Erinaceinae, within the subfamily Eurycoma, in the cicada order Chiroptera. There are currently seventeen recognized species of hedgehog in three genera with fifteen species occurring in five species in the Asian and New Zealand regions, with two remaining species native […] More

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  • raccoon

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    Why The raccoon is The Best small Animals

    The raccoon is a carnivore that feeds on the flesh of other animals. A small animal with a long, squat body, it has black, brown, or gray fur and brownish-black pupils. A pair of sharp, backward-pointing eyes is its signature feature. Also, a black raccoon may look like a tan-colored raccoon, though they are actually […] More

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  • kangaroo

    Why kangaroo is The Most popular In Australia?

    The kangaroo is the largest known feline in Australia and New Zealand. It is arboreal species with a muscular body built predominantly for speed. It’s short (length) tail helps it stay on balance even when running. While swimming it uses its powerful tail for balance, much like a horse. Unlike most other marsupials, kangaroos have […] More

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  • bees

    The Best Important Fact About Queen Bees

    Bees play a very important role in our agricultural pollination system. Many crops such as alfalfa, broccoli, clover, garlic, and more are highly reliant on bees for the pollination they receive. Without bees, many of our foods would quickly perish without the help of bees. The word queen bee is commonly used to describe an […] More

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  • red panda

    Why Red Panda Is The Most Popular In theWorld?

    The red panda bear is a beautiful and popular beer in the Panda Circle. It is the most popular beer in the United States by far, with almost half of all adult females being bought as toys every year. Because of its popularity and beautiful coloration, it has become a collector’s item as well. The […] More

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  • deer


    What Do The Best and Amazing Deer Eat?

    What Do Deer Eat?Deer or more properly true deer are truly hoofed mammals belonging to the genus Cervus. These animals have antlers, which they shed periodically, growing larger with each shedding. They are among the most popular game animals. There are about twelve species of deer in North America with the largest species being the […] More

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  • mongoose

    Important Facts About the Best Mongoose

    A mongoose is an extremely tiny terrestrial carnivore belonging to the family Herpestidae. With a body length of only one inch, a mongoose has a very limited range, due to its restricted range in North America and Africa. This group is split into two major subgroups, the Mungotinae, and the Serpentine. Civet cats are almost […] More

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