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Car And Driver – Scion’s New Corolla Review

Photo by Alexander Londoño on Unsplash


Photo by Alexander Londoño on Unsplash

The second issue of Car and Driver was released in May of this year, which featured a series of articles focused on cars that were affordable but still great looking, like the Honda Accord. The magazine gave high grades to the Toyota Corolla, saying it is “the most affordable car in the compact-car segment.” Between about $25,000 to $35,000, it listed three models: the Honda Accord; three times top seller Toyota Prius; and top pick Subaru Forester. Among the best-selling vehicles, the Corolla and the Prius have proven themselves over again.

When I read the magazine, I could tell from the writer raves about the durability and looks of the Corolla. In the review, the reviewer says the body structure on this model is on par with its top rivals. The Corolla also ranks well among compact sedans, as well as hatchbacks, midsize, and the smallest coupe. The magazine gives the Corolla a perfect score in terms of gas mileage and handling. It also gave the model a higher score for being easy to park, while the car also has plenty of room in the trunk.

As for the interior, the writer praises the leather upholstery on the car. The interior is comfortable enough, but not plush. The interior design includes two centre console areas, an area with a leather-wrapped steering wheel, a large glove box, and a huge trunk. In comparison to its competitors, the Corolla is the only model that has the full array of amenities, including a full-size trunk with two compartments.

The author praises the car’s safety rating, which is outstanding. The car has no accidents or tickets recorded and a high safety score. It also has a safety rating of nine out of ten, making it a good choice for people who have small children or elderly parents around. Also, the magazine says that the Corolla is a reliable vehicle and comes with all features you would expect from a mainstream car. It has excellent brakes, an attractive interior, and all-weather tires.

The magazine also praised the performance of the car. Scion’s turbocharged engine makes the car very fast. The car makes it easy to drive and is also strong enough to pass heavy traffic. The engine is paired with Honda’s new dual-clutch transmission to make it even better.

Overall, the review was positive, saying it’s “a car that provides fun and enjoyment” for anyone who drives it. If you are looking for an affordable small car with a great design and great safety record, check out the new Scion car.

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