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How to Train Your adorable Cat ?

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos
Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Cats are among the most lovable pets around. Many people find cats adorable. Cats can be loving companions and are often treated like children by their owners. Sadly, many cats do not have good manners, and this can make it difficult to train your cat properly.

Contrary to popular opinion, cats are quite trainable. You could teach them simple tricks and even useful behaviors.

Of course, you could also train them for various competition in agility competitions. However, cats should just be teaching new behaviors using positive, reward-based training only. This means that your training sessions should always be full of fun and reinforcement.

The first step to train your cats is by having an attractive advertisement. If you want to train your cats using a simple advertisement, you can hang it on the side of the door and wait for your pet to come to it.

Most animals respond to visuals, so if your advertisement looks like it belongs in the cat’s environment, it will most likely catch his attention. Cats love to hunt, so having an attractive lure would be useful.

After that, teach your cat’s the “sit” command. You will need a treat and a piece of food sitting on a table. The treat should be of high value so that your cat will be tempted to eat it. Start the command by saying “sit” in a firm, strong voice.

Do not lean over the bowl or the food, because cats do not like to be moved. If your cat tries to move it, simply grab the food from the table and move it back to the preferred spot.

Praise your cats whenever they perform the right behaviors. Cats love, affection, and praise, so whenever they obey your commands, give them a bit of praise. Cats behave better if they know they will get affection and praise for good behavior.

Cats are also very sensitive to touch, so whenever they perform the desired behavior, be sure to touch them to show your affection.

Clicker training is one of the most effective ways of reinforcing your cats with rewards and positive reinforcement. Clicker training is done by placing a “clicker” or a small treat at a familiar place in the home.

Whenever the cat enters the correct location, the sound of the clicker will make him stop. If he stops in his location, a treat and a clicker will be given. Over time, this becomes a favorite way of reinforcing good behavior in cats because the cat learns when he receives the proper treat and clicker for good behavior, he knows he is doing the correct thing.

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