In accordance with European Union legislation, we inform you that our site will store data about your preferences on your own computer, in a small file called a “cookie”.

This is a cookie composed of data that a site asks your program to store on your PC or mobile phone. The cookie allows the site to “remember” your activities or actions after a period of time.

You can eliminate all cookies that are currently on your PC and you can set most programs to prevent them from being installed. In this case, you may need to physically change some tilts each time you visit a site and some administrations and features may not work.

Most programs support cookies, however, customers can adjust their settings to lower them and can delete them at any time. An external site called about has been set up to help you by giving you guidelines on how to do this on different programs.

We use cookies for :

1) identify you as a regular customer and include your visits in our review of peak hour traffic congestion;

2) remind us of your presentation preferences;

3) Suggest any current business you have done on our site

4) Other ease of use features are highlighted, including whether you have just agreed to cookies.

It is not very important to allow cookies on our site for it to work, but it will give you a better browsing experience.

Cookie data is not used to distinguish you and the examples of information are strongly influenced by us. These cookies are not used for any other reason than those described here.

There may also be different kinds of cookies created after your visit to our site. We use Google Analytics, a well-known website analysis service of Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help us analyse how customers use the website. The data produced by the cookie concerning the use of our website (including your IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by Google on servers in the United States. Google will use this information to evaluate your use of our website, by gathering information about the website movements and providing various types of assistance to identify the website actions and the use of the website. This information may be transmitted by Google to third parties where this is required by law or where such third parties process the information on Google’s behalf. Google will try not to associate your IP address with any other information held by Google.

External advertising

You may be notified by outside organizations about promotions we offer when you visit our site. These organizations may store data about your visits to our site and to various sites in order to provide you with relevant product and company advertisements.

These organizations may use cookies and other identifiers to collect data that helps us assess the suitability of the advertising. The data is generally not recognizable by and through recognizable data, unless, for example, you provide them with recognizable data by and through an advertisement or e-mail message.

Data Collected by Third Party Advertisers

Cookies allow advertisers to know which advertisements you see, which promotions you click, and the different movements you make on our site and the different destinations. This allows advertisers to provide you with increasingly useful and relevant advertisements. For example, if they understand the ads you display while visiting our site, they may be careful not to show you similar ads repeatedly. They do not link your collaboration with non-affiliated destinations to your character by providing you with plot-based ads.

We do not give any data near us to advertisers or outside destinations. Advertisers and other outsiders (including promotion systems, advertising delivery organizations and other specialized agencies that they may use) can expect that customers who cooperate with or click on a customized advertisement or substance will be a part of the collection to which the promotion or substance is coordinated (for example, readers in the Pacific Northwest who read specific types of articles). In addition, some external cookies may provide them with data about you (for example, destinations where you have received promotions or segment data) from online and offline sources that they can use to give you progressively more relevant and useful advertising.

If you would like to learn more about the options available to you to limit data collection by outside promotion systems, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative website.

You can stop participating in plot-based advertising systems, but this does not mean that you will no longer benefit from web-based promotion. It does mean that the organizations from which you have resigned will no longer modify promotions based on your preferences and web usage patterns using cookie-based innovations.

Type and purpose of collection

We collect data at various points on the site in order to encourage the use of the site by our customers. Non-Personal Information: When you access the website, certain non-personal data is naturally collected without your consent, for example, your IP address, information about the area (which is unknown) and the site referring to it (“Non-Personal Information”). We use Non-Personal Information to inspect our traffic and to see how our customers use the website. This type of data will not allow you to be recognized by and by. For example, we use “cookies”, which contain only certain factual data. You can set your PC to notify you each time a cookie is sent, or you can disallow cookies through your web browser. If you decide to disallow cookies, your experience on the website may be reduced, or your ability to choose some of the alternatives on the website may be limited.


Sharing information

We will not sell, rent or disclose to third parties the data we collect, we will not waste it and, apart from that, we may disclose it to different groups as follows:

(a) Affiliated Service Providers: We have agreements with various specialized partner organizations to support the operation of the Website, with whom we may share the data we have collected. For example, we may share your Visa data with the payment card organization to process your purchase. All of the specialist regulatory cooperatives we use are required to have a similar level of security assurance as we do, and in this way we expect your data to be treated with the same level of care that we use. In addition, we may, for example, use systematic or presentation administration, e.g. Google Analytics, Google Adsense, Taboola or RevContent, to which you thus give your true consent.

(b) Where legally necessary: We may share the data we collect when legally necessary, explicitly because of an interest shown by government specialists, where this interest meets the legal requirements.

(c) Statistical Analysis: We may share non-personal information and accumulated data with outside parties, including, but not limited to, for promotional or presentation purposes. No individual information will be shared in this manner.

(d) Transactions: In connection with or during the course of arranging any merger, offering of organizational resources, financing or procurement, or in any other circumstance where Personal Information may be disclosed or moved as one of our business resources.


Choices and how to avoid interest-base advertising

(a) Disengagement from Interest-Based Advertising Services This site is a Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) person and abides by the NAI Codes of Conduct as described on the NAI site. This site also adheres to the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory principles. For a description of the DAA site , ideally you should visit the DAA website. As illustrated above, this site may use or move data from devices that it legitimately collects or obtains from customers of this current site, which may use cookies or non-cookie advances, to enable promotion that is increasingly tailored to consumers’ perceived advantages, inclinations and areas of interest. This is known as plot-based advertising.

(b) Disabling Interest-Based Advertising by Third Prties

This site may allow outsiders to collect data on its site and to combine this data with other data collected on unrelated sites or applications after a certain period of time. These outsiders may use innovations, including cookies and web beacons, to collect data about consumer or customer use of the site in order to break down, report or modify the substance or promotion of this site or individual sites, or to help us work with and improve the site. To learn more about plot-based advertising on the state of the web, and how to leave the data set for that reason by organizations interested in the Network Advertising Initiative or the Digital Advertising Alliance, visit the NAI’s opt-out or the DAA’s consumer choice page.