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The 10 Best Physical Exercises for Men You Must Learn





It is never too late for you to do some of the most challenging ones to keep yourself in shape. But if you are going to start doing what you love most, then you need to be aware of some important tips for you to maximize your efforts and minimize your injuries.

There are many things you have to keep in mind so you can do the right moves and avoid hurting yourself in the process. Here are 10 of the best moves that will surely work wonders for your body.

1- The deadlifts

The deadlifts

The deadlifts are a great way to add muscle to your routine because they are a compound exercise that targets both the lower and upper body. The deadlift is also known as the dumbbell lift, due to its resemblance to a dumbbell.

The deadlift is one of three powerlifting exercises, including the bench press and the squats. Deadlifts can be used to strengthen the lower back and shoulder muscles, build big, strong arms, increase the size of your chest and develop a muscular core.

2- The plank

The 10 Best Physical Exercises for Men You Must Learn 5
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The plank is often regarded as being one of the best abs exercises that you can perform, but how effective is it? This article will show you the benefits of using this exercise to get the flat abs you have always wanted. The plank involves keeping your feet flat on the floor as you perform the exercise and your hands directly under your shoulders.

As you raise your body, you are performing what is known as the isometric plank. The plank is an extremely effective core strength exercise that also involves keeping your upper body parallel to the floor for as long as possible.

3- Squats


Squats are a very popular exercise routine for both weight loss and fitness development. The main question many people have is whether squats help with injuries or not, especially the lower back. For the most part, there is little evidence to support the claim that squats lead to injury or poor form but there are some exceptions such as the knee.

It should be noted that squats should not be done with bad back pain and several exercises for back pain relief that incorporate squats are available. However, if you are experiencing knee pain doing squats is not recommended and your doctor or physiotherapist can advise you on safely doing squats.

4- The Romanian Deadlift


The Romanian Deadlift is a very heavy and difficult exercise. It is sometimes used as a warm-up exercise before heavyweights are used, or to strengthen a muscle group after heavyweights have been used. A great workout for the lower body and a fantastic strength builder, the Romanian Deadlift can be considered a true workout for your muscles.

Even though it does not require much equipment you will need a bar (sets usually range from eight to fifteen), a rack to keep the barbell on, dumbbells, an exercise bench, a strap for the freehand, and the barbell. The weight that is used will be different depending on how many sets you are doing.

5- The bench press

The bench press

The bench press has been one of the most effective exercises to help you build big muscles fast. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to isolate the chest muscles and make them work hard, thus helping to build strength in the chest muscles.

When done properly, the bench press will hit three major muscle groups in the chest area, namely, the pecs, the shoulders, and the stabilizers (backs and abdominals). Thus, it is one of the best exercises to help you build big muscles fast.

6- biceps curls

biceps curls

Do you know what biceps curls are? I don’t think I do because I seem to spend every free moment at the gym working out this part of my body but to be honest I’ve only really spent a couple of hours working on it.

Biceps curl is simply a group of exercises that involve front deltoids, triceps, and the front of the upper arm; exercises that use dumbbells, barbells, and other weight-based equipment. The principle which governs how to perform these exercises and how to perform them correctly is the same for all kinds of curls except the position of the handle and the length of the bar are different.

The most common form of biceps curls that have been used for years with varying effects is seated rows, standing rows, and chin-ups.

7- The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing is an explosive kettlebell exercise that will get your heart rate up and help you get fit. This unique exercise works many muscles at the same time. It stimulates the movement you use when you run, jump, and throw.

Because kettlebells effectively work the strength area of your body, it is by far one of the most effective exercises for enhancing athletic performance.

8- Incline dumbbell curl

Incline dumbbell curl
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Incline dumbbell curl exercises can help you sculpt a lean, tight body. You are going to need an incline bench, a dip station, and the standard barbell to complete this exercise.

There are many incline dumbbell curl variations that you can do, so be creative and figure out which version of this move is going to give you the most success in getting your body into shape. It’s a great exercise and is something that I recommend in any workout program.

9- A Medicine ball slam

Medicine ball slam

A Medicine ball slam is an exercise that has become so popular with Cross fitters and other athletes that it has even been chosen as the official exercise for the World Games.

The medicine ball slam is a compound exercise that will target your entire body and build endurance to improve your strength. It is a great way to start losing those flabby arms and develop back muscles that are rarely seen during workouts because of the lack of time spent on them. There is a lot of equipment that comes with your Crossfit kit, but one of the most useful is the medicine ball; you should always have one at home.

10- suspended push up

suspended push up

Many people have asked me this question: Will a suspended push-up bar work for you? If you are not familiar with the term, a suspended push-up is a push-up that consists of your hands being suspended in front of your body so that you can perform push-ups. A common type of equipment will include a rack to hold your hands on, which is then elevated a few inches off the ground. Other variations are ones where you have a medicine ball underneath your hands or where you have a bench that is elevated high enough to allow you to perform push-ups while lying flat on your back.

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