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The Best Tips For Choosing Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever
Photo by Moon App on Unsplash
Golden Retriever
Photo by Moon App on Unsplash

The Golden Retriever has an excellent temperament and is very lovable. The breed is often thought of as the American Gentlemen’s dog because of its calm, loving nature. These dogs are very loyal, energetic, and good-natured.

The most frequently asked question about the shedding of the golden retriever is why does it is shed. Well, because this breed tends to have long hair, it sheds every time you brush your dog. This is very normal for the breed but does not mean that you should stop brushing because of the excessive shedding. The reason for the shedding is usually because of the strong working requirements of the dog.

This breed loves water, so you will notice plenty of it around their ears, face, feet, and tail. This is common because they like to drink a lot of water. To prevent the dog from wetting the floor, try spraying them with water before you bring them inside or let them get out of the yard. Golden Retrievers love to run and chase after small animals so you may notice them chasing after cats and birds, as well as smaller reptiles and rodents. If your pet has a favorite toy and you frequently play with it, take it outside to keep him from playing with hazardous objects that could be harmful to him or her. The dog loves to chase after small cars so if you have a car in your yard, make sure you keep it out of the grass until your dog is old enough to not chase after cars.

If you own more than one dog, you should seriously consider getting a German shepherd or a border collie instead of a golden retriever. Although both breeds are great for herding, the German Shepherd is slightly larger than the Retriever and they are less heavy in their build, which makes them easier to care for. Border collies have great looking coats and they have a double coat that sheds less than the American-bred golden retriever. They also are a little more sensitive to the cold so if you have a dog and a heater both at the same time, you may want to consider getting a German shepherd to give him/her extra warmth.

Another factor to consider is that golden retrievers love to play fetch. If you don’t have plenty of space to play with your dog, you may want to consider getting a toy that will allow your pet to chase after balls, Frisbees, and small toys. Make sure the toy is safe to play with in case your dog gets his or her foot caught on it. Golden retrievers love to dig so if you have a garden where there are a lot of different items, you should probably have a digging toy or a metal detector. This will allow your pet to have hours of fun searching for things while keeping him or her from having a bad accident in the backyard.

Many golden retriever puppies are adorable and healthy. It is just important that you keep an eye out for any potential health problems so you can get your puppy checked out. Remember that if you have other dogs in your home, you should get them neutered. Ask your veterinarian for advice on whether your dog should be neutered or not.

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