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What You Must To Now About Australian Shepherds?

Australian Shepherd
Photo by Rachel Moenning on Unsplash
Australian Shepherd
Photo by Rachel Moenning on Unsplash

The Australian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of dog which has been, despite its name, originally developed on cattle ranches in the USA during the late nineteenth century. This unusual breed of the pet has since gone on to become a great dog with characteristics suitable to a working dog, a dog used by hunters, and a dog that are also a family pet.

Although originally bred for herding, Australian Shepherds are now used by many owners as police dogs, hunting dogs, guide dogs, and a good dog for small children and puppies. Their long coat provides the dog with warmth, the long ears of the dog give the dog excellent hearing, and they also have great eyesight. They are also very intelligent and can be trained to do tricks and perform commands.

Although this breed has a long coat, they are a very agile and quick breed and they are quite strong and resilient to most dogs, especially if they are raised on a ranch. Because of their great stamina, Australian Shepherds make excellent crossbreeds to produce smaller, sleeker dogs with shorter coats.

Although the Australian Shepherd is a long-haired dog, it is usually manageable and is easy to groom and maintain. This is important for those who want a dog that can take a lot of abuse while remaining intact. Even though they are very friendly dogs, they are not aggressive towards other dogs and will not bite.

Although the Australian Shepherds do have a short coat, it does require regular brushing. The coat requires brushing at least twice a week. This is important to help keep their skin healthy and it also helps the dog shed its dead skin cells so that they do not get matted down in the coat.

Australian Shepherds also do well when they are exposed to different weather conditions, such as rain, sunshine, and snow, as they enjoy a lot of activity and are very active dogs. Some Australian Shepherds will even sleep outdoors on occasion so that they can spend time under the shelter of an overhang or tree in the sun, but they will normally stay close to the shelter until the rain has passed.

Because of their long coat, their eyes tend to get foggy easily which is why it is important to check your dog’s eyes frequently. A well-kept Australian Shepherd eye is healthy and will look bright and alert, with no signs of redness, itchiness, or puffiness. When they do start to lose the pigmentation in their eyes, they will go back to their normal color.

As you can see, the Australian Shepherd is a great dog to have and is considered to be a true family pet. These dogs are great companions for those who live in a country setting where they get lots of outdoor activities. They are gentle with children and dogs, have an outgoing personality, and love to be around people.

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